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Welcome from the Chair

On behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus' 55 members, Chairwoman Bass welcomes you to the official black caucus website.  Here you can find timely updates about the work caucus members are doing around a host of issues of importance to the African American community, including protecting and expanding voting rights, comprehensive criminal justice reform, building a more inclusive economy, ensuring access to quality and affordable healthcare and investing in education.  

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"The #RaisetheWage Act does much more than lift wages. It will tie future changes to the minimum wage to changes in…
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RT @thehill: Sen. Cory Booker: "I see President Trump as a bigot, as a demagogue, as a fear-monger, of somebody who's trying to rip our cou…
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RT @SenKamalaHarris: We must be clear about this: there are not two sides when it comes to racism and xenophobia in America. It must be une…
#RootOutRacism CBC redoubles its efforts to root out racism in federal policy, the White House and on Federal property.
Police Accountability CBC works to build trust between police departments and the African-American community.
#CBCOnTheYard CBC tours HBCUs during the 115th Congress.
"We have a
lot to lose"
CBC gives Trump solutions to advance black families in the 21st Century.