Congressional Black Caucus Statement On The El Paso Shooting

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Washington, August 4, 2019 | comments
“The El Paso shooting is another tragic example of domestic terrorism being fueled by white nationalist, who unfortunately are given cover by the words and deeds of this President. 

Trump has directly attacked African Americans and Latinos from the first moment he launched his campaign. He rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and called Mexicans rapist and has repeatedly referred to what is happening at the border as an invasion, exact words used by white supremacist to justify their terrorists acts.  At a rally, he didn’t denounce a supporter who said shoot them about immigrants while the crowd cheered their approval. He has told African Americans that we live in communities more violent than Afghanistan and referred to many African nations as “shit hole countries.” 

And when David Duke gave his approval for Trump’s actions, the President has never really denounced support from white supremacist leaders. Why? Because the President is playing a sick game where by stoking racist divisions he can rally his political base. The President should realize lives are being lost due to the white supremacist violence his words encourage.

A President’s highest priority must be protecting the homeland and our citizens. Until Donald Trump acknowledges that these are acts of domestic terrorism and stops giving aid and comfort to white nationalist through his words and deeds, our country will remain a dangerous place.”
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