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CBC Chairman: Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Freedom Fighter

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Washington, April 4, 2018 | comments

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of civil rights legend the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rep. Cedric L. Richmond, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, released the following statement:

“As we commemorate the 50th year since Dr. King was brutally taken from us, let us never forget his relentless fight for freedom. Dr. King is often remembered as a peaceful man concerned about unity above all else. As we commemorate this mournful day, I urge Americans to remember that Dr. King was a freedom fighter, fearlessly speaking out against racial and economic injustice, even when those arguments made people uncomfortable.

"On the night before he was murdered, Dr. King articulated a powerful reminder to the country that Black Americans were only asking for a just position in this society. 50 years later, Dr. King’s promised land still eludes us. After making strides as a country, we are obviously moving backwards. Moral leadership from within some of our most treasured institutions has eroded. Institutions erected to address inequality and injustice are being threatened and neutered before our eyes. The gains Dr. King died to achieve are being willfully targeted.

"The Congressional Black Caucus will not relent in its fearless leadership in defense of the gains Dr. King died for. He died on that hotel balcony because he was fighting for economic opportunity, social justice and fairness. There remains much work to be done to see his dreams actualized. But looking back on his work and his sacrifice, I am hopeful that by working together we can stem the tide of injustice that has been accelerating lately.

"It is at moments like these we have to remember Dr. King’s observation that it was during the greatest darkness that we can see the stars. I am thankful for Dr. King’s life, his work and for his sacrifice. He gave his life so that the world might hear his ideas which have served freedom fighters ever since. We will continue to honor his life by educating, legislating and agitating to accomplish his dream of equality and justice.”

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