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The Congressional Black Caucus Statement on the Loss of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Father, Nur Omar Mohamed

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Washington, June 16, 2020 | comments

Nur Omar Mohamed was the father of Congressional Black Caucus Member Rep. Ilhan Omar, but he was also someone very dear to many of us who met him during a congressional delegation trip to Morocco. He welcomed us all and ensured that we truly felt at home. Reflecting on that trip, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Karen Bass stated: “When I think of him, I smile remembering him sitting in the back of the classroom reciting the Quran with the students and how much joy he brought to all of us during that trip. Getting to know your dad and watching Ilhan and her father together was one of the best parts of the Morocco trip.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar was raised by her father, Nur Omar Mohamed and grandfather after the death of her mother at the age of 2. Prior to the civil war in Somalia, Mr. Omar Mohammed was a teacher and trainer who served as a pillar of strength and wisdom for the Congresswoman. The challenges of the war forced their family to seek refuge in a camp in Kenya and eventually asylum to the United States. Her father was a hardworking provider for their family and worked as a taxi driver and then for the post office. 

Mr. Omar Mohammed was dedicated to democracy and instilled those values in his daughter, which Representative Omar embodies each day serving her district and country as a Member of Congress. 

We extend our sincerest condolences to Rep. Ilhan Omar and her family during this time.

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