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Black Caucus Releases Letter Opposing William Barr’s Confirmation As Attorney General

CBC Opposes Barr Due to Problematic Record Perpetuating Impacts of Broken Criminal Justice System And It’s Impacts On the African American Community

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Washington, February 6, 2019 | comments

WASHINGTON – Today, the Congressional Black Caucus released a letter in opposition to the confirmation of William Barr as Attorney General, citing his decades-long career in support of policies that only perpetuate our broken criminal justice system and its disproportionate impacts on the African American community.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Barr’s confirmation this week.

In their letter, the Black Caucus specifically cites Barr’s efforts to expand mass incarceration and the “War on Drugs” as Attorney General for former President George H.W. Bush and support for mandatory minimums, where he once stated, “the people who have been given mandatory minimums generally deserve them— richly.”

“From criminal justice reform to enforcement of civil rights protection, the U.S. Attorney General has primary jurisdiction over several issues that disproportionately impact African Americans,” the Black Caucus wrote. “In consideration of candidates for this role, U.S. Senators have a clear duty to advise and consent. Likewise, any nominee for U.S. Attorney General should almost certainly be disqualified for asserting that “the people who have been given mandatory minimums generally deserve them— richly.” At a time when we should be dedicating ourselves to strengthening police accountability, expanding voting rights, and restoring justice for non-violent offenders, Mr. Barr’s confirmation runs counter to this moral imperative and is antithetical our mission as Members of the CBC.”

The caucus’ letter was sent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein.

Read the full letter here

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