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As a part of the CBC TECH2020 five-year plan, members of the CBC Diversity Task force held meetings with the most influential tech executives in an effort to encourage them to implement diversity plans that place more African American in the tech pipeline. Below are articles following CBC visits to Silicon Valley:


“As the CBC TECH2020 Task Force returns to Silicon Valley, our focus is expanding to encompass not only equity in the workforce, but also ensuring opportunity and inclusion for Black residents across our tech-driven economy.”

– Rep. Barbara Lee, Co-Chair, CBC Diversity Task Force

Medium: TECH Inclusion: Still No App for That
Washington Post: Black lawmakers visit Silicon Valley to press Apple, Twitter and other tech giants on diversity
Axios: Congressional Black Caucus: Big Tech is dawdling on diversity
Recode: Black lawmakers are impatient with tech’s lack of diversity and are threatening regulation to force the issue
The Verge: The Congressional Black Caucus says some Silicon Valley companies have ‘gone backwards’ on diversity 


      CBC Members, Reps. Gregory Meeks, Barbara Lee, G. K. Butterfield, and Maxine Waters, participate in a roundtable discussion at Merritt College, featuring leaders from various non-profits in the Bay area working to advance diversity and inclusion. May 2018.


    “Our goal for this trip is to encourage and partner with these organizations to implement a diversity plan that will place more African Americans in the tech pipeline.”

    – Rep. G. K. Butterfield, Co-Chair, CBC Diversity Task Force

    Medium: Tech Inclusion— There’s No App for That
    Politico: Whose Boats is Tech Really Lifting?
    Politico: CBC Livid Over Lack of Tech Diversity
    The Hill: Black Lawmakers give Tech Sector Low Marks Amid Silicon Valley Trip



    “Increasing diversity and inclusion within the tech sector is not only a moral imperative, it’s good for business and vital to continue economic growth.”

    – Rep. Barbara Lee, Co-Chair, CBC Diversity Task Force

    Bloomberg: Diversifying the Tech Sector: Bay Area Organizations Meet with Congressional Black Caucus Leaders
    CNN: Congressional Black Caucus to Talk Diversity with Silicon Valley Leaders
    Politico: Black Caucus Brings Diversity Push to Silicon Valley  
    Washington Post: Senate Poised to take up Cyber Bill, CBC Heads to Silicon Valley

      CBC Members, Reps. Hakeem Jeffries, G. K. Butterfield, and Barbara Lee, meet with tech companies in Silicon Valley. 2015.


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