"The Republican health care proposal is a $600 billion tax cut for insurance company executives that would take coverage away from millions of Americans. In addition, the proposal would eliminate essential benefits for Americans like prescription drugs, maternity care, and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Instead of working with Democrats to strengthen our nation’s health care system, Republicans have made a bad bill worse in order appease extremists in their party." - CBC Chairman Cedric L. Richmond (D-LA-02)
There are a number of reasons why the Republican Party’s health care proposal is bad for the health of the country, especially the health of African Americans and other marginalized communities (e.g. the sick, the elderly, low-income). Although Republicans brought several different versions of the bill to the House and Senate floors, all of them amounted to one thing: paying more for less coverage. 

"The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just confirmed that the Republican healthcare bill will be a disaster for the American people. It will strip 14 million Americans of their health insurance next year and leave 52 million Americans without health insurance by 2026." - CBC Chairman Cedric L. Richmond (D-LA-02)
As a result of this reality, many Americans across the country called on Congress to “Kill the Bill.” On July 26, the CBC joined these Americans in a very visible way by hosting a Twitter town hall on Trumpcare. During the town hall, eight CBC members answered questions from constituents and Very Important Tweeters about how Trumpcare would negatively affect all Americans, including African Americans and other marginalized communities.

Member Participants included CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) and Reps. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), Robin Kelly (D-Ill.), Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) and Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.). Very Important Tweeter participants included more than 30 advocacy organizations, health care professionals, and elected officials.

Though Trumpcare has failed repeatedly, the CBC will continue the fight for quality, affordable healthcare. In addition to the fact that President Trump continues to undermine Obamacare, Republicans may try to bring the bill back to the floor. And if they do bring the bill back to the floor, the CBC's message will remain the same: Obamacare doesn’t need to be repealed and replaced it needs to be strengthened.

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